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How to NOT Ruin Your Online Marketing

Despite the pandemic, some Westchester businesses have gone on to experience substantial growth…including OPTIMIZE DIGITAL clients.

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In this time of acute uncertainty, wouldn’t it be nice to feel confidence and stability in your online marketing?

Our clients have the same uncertainties as every other business owner in terms of the economy and COVID-19. The difference is they DON’T sweat about marketing their business online and in the press.

Now is a great time to bring some stability, confidence and improved revenues to your business.

PLUS, according to analysts we’re on the verge of one of the biggest booms in online activity coming up in Q4. If you take the right actions now, you might be able to help make up for the whole year of sales.

BUT if you don’t, things might not turn out so well.

There are a few common problems I see a lot that really hold business owners back with local marketing and SEO…

The biggest one is thinking…

1. “I don’t really need to do online marketing consistently”

A lot of businesses in Westchester and the surrounding area have grown on referrals or “organic” growth alone.

And some even are proud to say they haven’t spent a dime on marketing.

These are red flags for businesses that are vulnerable to being pushed aside by their competition.

They’re on Google, but they don’t play the game with Google.

But when you hire an affordable service with a PLAN, the reward is the PROFIT in your bank account.

And if corona taught us anything, it’s that depending on pure luck for business ain’t gonna cut it.

In fact, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have a solid strategy that’s consistently bringing in traffic, leads, and sales.

Everyone is using Google, including the moment they are looking to make a purchase or hire a service. But some businesses aren’t utilizing Google My Business like they should.

And many aren’t using really helpful tools like Google Search Console and Google Optimize at all.

You better believe we use them for our clients.

We’re an official Google Partner.

Google is where everything starts online. In your own life, where do you go to find out if a restaurant is open? To find answers for your questions? To find someone to fix your air conditioning?

If you’re not showing up there near the top and telling people about the solutions you offer… you’re missing out.

Not just today. You’re missing out next month, next year, and for the life of your business…

… until it gets handled.

The second biggest block holding people back is….

2. “I’ll do it myself”

Have you ever tried to do some online marketing or SEO yourself, hoping for the traffic to come rushing in?

Or maybe you bought some cheap service and checked your web traffic daily waiting for your results to kick in?

And then? Nothing!

This is why a lot of people claim SEO doesn’t work, or isn’t worth it.

It’s the equivalent of going to the gym, doing 15 jumping jacks and then checking the mirror for their ripped abs.

This is going at digital marketing and SEO with the wrong plan and essentially dumping time & money down the drain.

This is the time sucking scenario that many people suffer through because they didn’t do it the right way.

Online marketing can be a sales rocketship, delivering traffic and leads every day…. making that website you paid for work for you the way a website should – to get new leads.

But only if you get serious about it and go at it with a PLAN.

And if you do… your site’s traffic could go up significantly, meaning new client, patient, or customer touches like phone calls that turn into new business.

Let’s turn your website into a lead generation engine.

Your customers are online right now. They’re sitting on their computers all day searching Google for solutions to their problems.

Are you showing up where you want to be?

Jesse Diamond, Founder – OPTIMIZE DIGITAL

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P.S. If you aren’t showing up where you want to be, we can help you get more business.

We also help our clients by providing Competitor Reports – how much are they spending on ads? Who’s digital footprint has more of the local market share?

When you know what your competitors are doing online, that’s an advantage.

We’ll help you leverage that advantage by implementing strategies and executing the work that will get you showing up higher in search results, and gaining online market share.

That means more customer touches (which means more revenues).

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